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As part of our commitment to giving Southern Ontario only the best dumpster rental services possible, RDM Disposal is proud to offer its services to the Woodbridge area. Whether your over by Vaughan Grove Park or up north on Langstaff Road, RDM Disposal is here to provide quality dumpster bins to Woodbridge businesses and homes. By choosing RDM Disposal, you can benefit from our efficient drop-off and pick-up service that will save you both time and money.

At RDM Disposal, our dumpster bins are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes to match your exact needs. We currently offer the following disposal bins in Woodbridge:

  • 10 Yard Containers
  • 15 Yard Containers
  • 20 Yard Long Containers
  • 20 Yard Tall Containers
  • 40 Yard Containers


Do you have a demolition project that needs completing in Woodbridge? RDM Disposal is ready to help businesses and homes to carry out demolitions safely and efficiently. You can count on us to oversee the entire project for you, providing all the essentials from labourers, project managers and our quality dumpster bins. To learn more about our Woodbridge demolition services, get in touch with us today!


If you are looking for an efficient way to cut down on wastage and stay sustainable, look no further than our compactor rentals in Woodbridge. Using only the highest quality compactors on the market, our compactors are available to service your cardboard needs, ideal for sites such as grocery stores and plazas. You can learn more about our compactor services here.

To place your rental or to learn more about our bins or compactors, contact the RDM Disposal team by calling 416.804.7316 or 905.792.9907 today!
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Woodbridge's Leader in Dumpster Bin Rentals

RDM strives to offer the best quality dumpster bin rentals in Woodbridge, which is why we provide a simple and easy way to order and receive dumpster container rentals, wherever you would like it to be delivered. Call us now and talk to our rentals team for any questions regarding our containers, service and more! We look forward to hearing from you! BOOK NOW!

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